Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Summer Of Good Intentions - Wendy Francis

The Summer Of Good Intentions
Wendy Francis
Simon & Schuster, Jul 7 2015, $15.00
ISBN: 9781451666427

Summer on Cape Cod has always been a great get together for the Herrington family.  However, this year is different as the patriarch Arthur and matriarch Gloria divorced after almost five decades of marriage.  Tensions are tropospheric even before the three sisters, accompanied by their husbands/significant other and children, and Arthur arrive at the family cottage.  At the last moment, Gloria announces she and her boyfriend will join the gathering.

The oldest offspring supermom Maggie struggles with accepting the end of her parent’s marriage and fears empty nest syndrome.  Maggie muses that she is not too old to raise a baby though she wonders how Mac would react.

Her younger twin Jess loves her job apparently much more than her husband Tim; as the unhappy couple only talks to each other when it involves their two kids.  She owes her spouse the truth, but cannot deal with how he will react.

The youngest Virgie the reporter looks forward to the vacation easing her dangerous levels of stress.  She found a man who treats her differently than the previous horde.  Her exhaustion lands her into the emergency room where the examination reveals a critical finding.

Since his mate left, Arthur feels lost.  He hopes his daughters and grandchildren will lift the fog that has his family fearing he suffers from senility.

Rotating perspective, The Summer Of Good Intentions is a well-written family drama starring a three-dimensional ensemble in which each Herrington faces major issues (though not developed equally).  Readers will like the cast who deal poorly with their personal tsuris; but the health crises that begin to reunite the extended family make the coming together a bit too easy on everyone.

Harriet Klausner

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