Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When You’re Desired-Tamara Lejeune

When You’re Desired

Tamara Lejeune

Zebra, Dec 4 2012, $6.99

ISBN: 9781420123913

In 1817, widower Lord Dorian and his brother Lord Simon a soldier discuss a play starring notorious actress Cecilia St. Lyrs. Simon hates her while Dorian likes her. Their mom invited wealthy Sir Lucas Tinsley and his daughter Lucasta to join them. After the show, Lucasta, Dorian and his mom visit Cecilia while Simon talks to Prinny about business with Lucas. Lucas tells Simon he will ignore Prinny’s debt to him if he retrieves a necklace he gave to Cecilia because she failed to sleep with him. She plans to sell the necklace to raise money for the Foundlings Home.

Cecilia informs Simon she chose the late Armand over him because the Frenchman offered marriage. Irate Simon demands she choose sex with Lucas or return the necklace. She chooses sex. Cecilia tells Dorian she will never be his mistress as she used to sit on his knees when she was a child. Dorian is shocked as she is Sarah Hartley who lived with their family years ago. His mom said she died while he was away; he even visited her grave. Instead she was sent to Ireland as a teen to wed an odious man. As Dorian vows to protect her, he cuts off his mom shocking his sibling who still loves his brother’s “mistress”.

This entertaining late Regency romance stars an interesting heroine, an angry lead male and a strong fully developed support cast. The theatre provides a nice backdrop. Although the Dowager Duchess’ actions seem inane several years ago but much more so in the present as if she did not expect her sons to talk, fans will enjoy this engaging second chance at love historical.

Harriet Klausner

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