Friday, July 27, 2012

Ashes of Honor-Seanan McGuire

Ashes of Honor

Seanan McGuire

Daw, Sep 4 2012, $7.99

ISBN 9780756407490

One year has almost passed since October “Toby” Daye can claim a good night’s sleep as she suffers nightmarish reminders of who she lost rather than the country she gave up ruling. Her total focus is on doing her duties as mentor to her squire Quentin and detecting to pay her bills.

Etienne the knight retains Toby to find his changeling sixteen year old daughter Chelsea that he recently leaned he sired. He is worried for the safety of Faerie and his offspring as the untrained teleport leaps into long deserted sectors; which places the barriers that keep the realm secure at risk. As Toby, Quentin and Tybalt King of Cats search for Chelsea, an unknown adversary seeks her too and will assassinate any individual who gets in the way; at the same time Tybalt needs Toby’s help with trouble in the Court of Cats.

The latest October Daye urban fantasy (see One Salt Sea) is a terrific noirish thriller as the heroine and her companions set out to save a teen changeling, a world, and a kingdom. Readers will want to join Toby and her team as they traverse Faery on this fast-paced, action-filled tale with a strong twist re the consciences of the second order effect of magic.

Harriet Klausner

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