Monday, March 19, 2012

Pat Cooper: How Dare You Say How Dare Me!-Pat Cooper with Rich Herschlag and Steve Garrin

Pat Cooper: How Dare You Say How Dare Me!

Pat Cooper with Rich Herschlag and Steve Garrin

Square One, Nov 1 2011, $24.95

ISBN 9780757003639

Born in Brooklyn as Pasquale Caputo Cooper in 1929, Mr. Cooper received a life lesson from his father when he was four years old about eating sh*t. He took that to heart as he began his personal battle of Brooklyn. Mr. Cooper dropped out of school to work as bricklayer and longshoreman before being drafted. He also performed as an amateur impersonator (professional gets paid) and even won an award on the Amateur Hour radio show. In his thirties, he became an overnight sensation when he performed on The Jackie Gleason Show. He became a fixture in Vegas and Atlantic City as the "angry comic" doing urban guerilla humor. Finally he continued to perform his Brooklyn shtick as an octogenarian on The Howard Stern Show and other radio shows.

This is a great, often amusing, but definitely takes no sh*t autobiography as Mr. Cooper irreverently tells his story at times in what seems like rapid fire standup comedy. He leaves no sacred cow untouched including his parents’ divorce leading to his father’s mostly abandonment when he was in his twenties and the Dodgers’ desertion still mourned by Brooklyn bum fans even after five plus decades of abandonment. The author makes a strong case he is not a raging comic as analyze by this and that but instead a standup comedian who uses anger to tell his New York shtick.

Harrier Klausner

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