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Beyond Reason: Lessons from the Loss of a Gifted Child-Gregg Korbon, MD

Beyond Reason: Lessons from the Loss of a Gifted Child

Gregg Korbon, MD

iUniverse, July 28 2009, $13.95

ISBN: 9781440123979

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia, nine year old Brian Korbon scores the first run of his Little league career. Euphoric he enters the dugout where his teammates and coaches high five him. He immediately collapses. The next day the media headline reads “Boy Dies Playing Little League.” Many people across the nation paid their respects to the grieving family. Seeking closure, Brian’s dad decided to write a biography of his son. However, he and other family members begin to find evidence that somehow Brian knew he was about to die; as he left behind gifts to his loved ones and letters telling them he is okay so not to worry. Part one is the original concept of Dr. Korbon to honor his son and to help him and his family move on. Part two is his discovery that his beloved son was cognitive of his pending death and conformable with the concept. This leads Dr. Korbon to research similar metaphysical cases Beyond Reason.

This passionate in memoriam memoir starts with a tender short biography by a father struggling with the loss of his son; made worse by his feeling guilt over being a physician who saw no signs of illness in his late child. The second section (most of the book) follows Dr. Korbon as he walks the extraordinary metaphysical trail his gifted son traversed. Readers will empathize with the author who has found solace in what Brian left behind for him and their loved ones.

Harriet Klausner

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