Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deed to Death-D.B. Henson

Deed to Death
D.B. Henson
Touchstone, Jul 5 2011, $14.00
ISBN: 1451649606

When her mother walked out on her husband and their young child, Toni Matthews walled up her emotions. Over the next two decades plus, she had boyfriends and friends, but no one melted the tundra that surrounded her heart. That changes when Toni, a twenty-nine years old successful Nashville realtor meets affluent architect Scott Chadwick. He dissolved her ice berg heart and they become engaged.

Seventy-two hours before their wedding ceremony, Toni needs a file she left in Scott’s car. She goes to Scott’s office only to learn her fiancé is dead. The police decide that his fall at one of his construction sites was a suicide. Toni buries her beloved fiancé on their wedding day. She rejects the official cause of death as she knew him too well to accept he killed himself. Instead Toni believes Scott died in a tragic accident until she finds his pen in the construction elevator, she now thinks someone pushed him to his death. When Scott’s estranged brother Brian contests the will, Toni knows she found the motive; now she needs proof, as someone watches her to insure if she gets too close to the truth she joins her dead fiancé.

This novel is part amateur sleuth mystery and part women’s fiction as the heroine deals with the death of a loved who she believes was murdered; readers will empathize for her and pray she does not relapse behind a glacier. Filled with angst, Deed to Death is a fantastic thriller due entirely to terrific Toni whose dysfunctional detached emotions make for a deep tale.

Harriet Klausner

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