Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lover’s Betrayal-J.E. Hopkins

Lover’s Betrayal
J.E. Hopkins
Outskirts Press, Mar 11 2011, $15.95
ISBN: 9781432771225

In Sorrento, Italy Olivia was the daughter of a servant working for the Santoro family. Lucian was heir apparent to the Santoro wealth as he would one day replace his father as the Chief Magistrate of vampire clan disputes. When they fell in love almost two hundred years ago, he chose his vampiric destiny over her. Olivia was forced to marry Daughton Gaspard. They had two sons (Kaden and Julian) who have long left the nest, but he was cruel to his wife until he was murdered five years ago. His killer was never found but deep in her heart she knows who he is. Now after decades of loneliness, Olivia is ending her torment with poison so everyone she loves can be free of her.

Julian calls his mom over his concern that his older brother is out of control. Olivia flies to New York praying she can obtain redemption before her suicide by reuniting her estranged sons. She learns the powerful Vampire Council led by Lucian believes Kaden is a serial killer and demands his execution. Lucian loathes Olivia as he believes she betrayed him, but admires her courage she did not have during their time together, as Olivia defies the Vampire Council and its chief to investigate the horrific murders.

The first Misfits of the Lore tale is an exciting second chance at love urban fantasy starring a beaten down female trying her best to do the right thing for her loved ones including killing herself. Lucian is torn between his rage at his “mate’s” betrayal and his love for her as he distrusts Olivia; obstinately refusing to understand what really occurred. Readers will relish this superb tale in which the paranormal reside amidst the normal but conceal their inner essence.

Harriet Klausner

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