Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bonded in Brazil-Rhiannon Ellis

Bonded in Brazil
Rhiannon Ellis
Camel Press, Mar 25 2011, $15.97
ISBN: 9781603818469

In Caxias do Sul, the Brazilian Menino family is in trouble as they have failed to pay their loan. They stand to lose the Vina da Gloria vineyards that have been part of the Menino clans for four generations.

Daughter Eliana Menino is willing to do almost anything to save the land as she knows losing it will destroy her father the vintner. She arranges a deal with “Demonio”, her name for the investor who holds her family’s IOUs. Hale Forester brings his new indentured servant to his Napa Valley estate. Her first time outside of Brazil frightens Eli, but she would go to hell for her family. However, she soon finds her heartless employer has a heart broken in his past, but what she feels for her Demonio is not pity but she fears it is unrequited love.

This warm contemporary romance is an enjoyable read as Eli proves her mettle in Brazil and California. Although the story line is somewhat linear even with an unexpected twist on the loan, feisty Eli makes for a wonderful tale as the lovely Brazilian takes America to save her family’s birthright from the Demonio she loves.

Harriet Klausner

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