Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mystery Montage-Patricia L. Morin

Mystery Montage
Patricia L. Morin
Top Publications, Nov 15 2010
ISBN: 9781929976751

The key to this superb twelve short story crime anthology is the diversity of entries that cross many sub-genres and locations. “Under the Boardwalk” occurs in Atlantic City where septuagenarians find a key clue in a police procedural but do not solve the case. The “Maasai Murder Mystery” is a terrific African tribal police procedural while the longest tale “Who Killed Horatio T. Adams takes place in Oahu. In “The Pool Room” sting, a San Francisco writer’s emails and journals, told in “Rap Sheet”. In Los Angeles or on a train heading to Exeter, new Hampshire, these are fabulous stories with different twists. Finally, whether it is private investigator Green “Landing in the Rough on a New Jersey golf course or the “Funeral” where a story is within a story, fans will appreciate this strong Mystery Montage.

Harriet Klausner

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