Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Save The Devil-Kate Moore

To Save The Devil
Kate Moore
Berkley, Oct 5 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9780425237489

Will Jones has been a spy and a Bow Street Runner. However, in 1820 his mission in London is more personal. He wants to destroy Archibald March, who most of England believe is a great benefactor and philanthropist. Will, his brother Xander and his new sister-in-law Cleo know better that March is a murdering maggot who uses blackmail of authorities to keep the powerful under his control. The brothers learned this when they began their search for their abducted younger sibling Kit and rescued Cleo (see To Tempt a Saint).

Undercover as Vicomte de Villard, Will attends an auction in which Helen of Troy is for sale. He pays a fortune to win the bid for the virgin. She stands ready to bash his head in with a candlestick as he is ready to leave with Helen. He escapes with a bound Helen who insists she must return to the brothel to retrieve something, but refuses to tell him what she needs. Helen rejects his protection and escapes into the slums of London as she plots on returning to the brothel to find damning seditious documents that March has on her mother. Spellbound to his Helen, Will searches for his not so Sleeping Beauty.

The middle Sons of Sins Regency romance continues the insightful dark look at the underbelly of London as Will and Helen collide in a brothel. Fast-paced as Will desperately works the slums he worked as a Bow Street Runner, but his impetus is greater as this is personal. His mind is distracted from the mission of rescuing the third “living sin” of their courtesan mom Sophie Rhys-Jones. Helen more than proves she is his equal, but evil March remains a powerful force.

Harriet Klausner

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