Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Between Two Kingdoms-Joe Boyd

Between Two Kingdoms
Joe Boyd
Standard Publishing, Mar 2010, $9.99
ISBN: 9780784723586

At one time there was only a single kingdom ruled wisely by a Great King and assisted by his Son, the Good Prince. However, one of the Great King's servants Sinkrad rebelled. This led to a schism between those children who remained loyal to the Great King and those who joined the side of Sinkrad. The one kingdom split into two with the Great King ruling the upper and Sinkrad the lower.

The Good Prince sends emissaries to the people of the Lower Kingdom hoping they will come to live in the Upper Kingdom. Anyone who does reverts into an eternal seven years old child living a carefree joyful life. Although he offers a shadowy mirror of the Upper Kingdom, Sinkrad recruits some children away with the temptation of a free life. The Good Prince sends Tommy on a quest below, but he is taken prisoner. Refusing to cede even one loyal child, the Good Prince mounts a rescue mission into the Lower Kingdom.

This is a fascinating parable that takes a deep look at what is faith in the Lord as Tommy performs his mission but temptation is everywhere he goes. Readers who relish an interesting Christian saga with a timely message to the doubting Thomas and Thomasina as well as encouragement to the faithful will especially want to read this allegory. However, the measure of how well it is written is that the non-believers will relish Tommy’s saga in the Lower Kingdom on a holy mission.

Harriet Klausner

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