Saturday, March 20, 2010

Path of the Wicked-Jennifer Stanley

Path of the Wicked
Jennifer Stanley
Minotaur, May 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9780312376833

The Sunrise Bible Study of Hope Street Church gathers every Sunday to discuss a portion of scriptures. The group's members are not students, but bonded in friendship which has grown stronger recently when they solved a murder case (see Stirring Up Strife). They back up what they say with their latest endeavor as volunteers delivering Door-2-Door Dinners.

Cooper and Nathan work hard with enthusiasm and determination. However, trouble comes for the pair. Three clients had valuable items stolen after the Door-2-Door visits. Worse, three elderly people died sitting in a chair in their homes. The police do not think there is a connection to the church, but Cooper disagrees; she investigates. Her friend helps Cooper in order to keep her safe as her activities can prove dangerous. One of her clients died sitting in a chair; but Cooper thinks back to when she first saw him and thought he was dead at that time as he did not move but was revived from a deep unnatural sleep before the perp really killed him. The cops make an arrest, but Cooper believes they failed to find the culprit.

This inspirational cozy is filled with likable characters who readers would like to meet in real life as they are good caring folks who walk the walk they preach (except of course the perp in sheep’s clothing). Although the heroine is too impulsive (the devil did not make her do it), she does what she believes is right even if the means breaking and entering. She, her sidekick and the rest of the posse make for a delightful whodunit.

Harriet Klausner

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