Friday, August 21, 2009

The Brutal Telling-Louise Penny

The Brutal Telling
Louise Penny
Minotaur, Sep 22 2009 $24.99
ISBN 9780312377038

In Three Pines, Quebec, the murdered corpse of an unidentified elderly male is found in a bistro. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache investigates the death in which no one seems to know who the person is. Armand finds a cabin in the woods that allegedly was used by the old dead man. However, the shocker is what is inside the remote edifice. The CI sees a virtual treasure trove of first edition books to items that vanished during WWII.

The prime suspect is the bistro owner, Oliver. However Armand believes that is too simple a solution as the body conveniently ended up there; whereas Oliver would have killed the victim elsewhere and looted the cabin assuming that is the motive. The CI begins to dig deeper in an attempt to find the truth as summer turns to fall.

The latest Quebec village police procedural (see A RULE AGAINST MURDER and THE CRUELEST MONTH) is a super whodunit as Armand feels strongly that the prime suspect is innocent but the clues seem to prove his guilt. The story line is driven by his investigation, but enhanced by a strong support cast of villagers. Fans will enjoy this terrific entry in what is one of the better mystery series.

Harriet Klausner

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