Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Single-Heather Mcelhatton

Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Single
Heather Mcelhatton
Harper, May 5 2009, $13.99
ISBN: 9780061461361

In Minnesota, though she dreams of being a real writer, thirty years old Jennifer Johnson works as a copywriter toiling in the marketing department of Keller's department store. She is currently going through some difficult personal times with the least being a fire in her cherished apartment. Jennifer struggles with her younger sister getting married though she is happy for her Bridezilla sibling; she even loathes more her ex who is also getting married though she does not want the Groomzilla rat back. Both are marrying others on Valentine Day’s; a holiday that has betrayed her. Finally she seems to have lost the battle of the bulge accepting size 12 for the first time though she is freaking out.

Dating especially on-line has proven one disaster after another so much so she wonders if this is divine punishment. Her co-worker Ted loves Jenifer, but she ignores his kindness as being weak. Meanwhile, the store’s heir Brad Keller asks her out to her shock as she cannot think of one reason why her. As they go out a lot, she changes her goals to meet what she perceives he wants; soon he proposes and she accepts, but though her new objective is not being single she has nagging doubts every time she thinks beyond her immediate goal.

Unlikable as the lead is in many ways especially with her opinionated d├ęcor attitude on life, fans will enjoy this fine chick lit tale ironically due to Jennifer, who paints an honest, often amusing and not always kind self portrait. The story line overuses acceptable chick lit devices, but overcomes the expected standard with the sarcastic at times contemptuous look at relationships. This fun frolic will surprise readers with a wonderful final spin as Jennifer understands the realism of what her Prince Charming is.

Harriet Klausner

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