Monday, February 2, 2009

The Vampire's Bride-Gena Showalter

The Vampire's Bride
Gena Showalter
Harlequin HQN, Mar 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780373773596

Two centuries ago the dragon horde killed the beloved Susan. Since then vampire king Layel has lived for one thing seeking vengeance on all dragons; collateral deaths are acceptable consequences. That is until he meets Amazon warrior Delilah who matches him sword thrust to sword thrust.

At the same, in the pantheon, the Gods decide to have fun with the residents of Atlantis. They create life and death contests between sentient species. The rules are simple but deadly: the squad that loses a contest loses a player. However, Layel’s attraction for the female of another team could cost him his undead life; she reciprocates his feelings but does not trust love as binding

With a nod to ancient mythology, Gena Showalter’s latest romantic fantasy is a wonderful tale because the author makes her two protagonists and the key support cast including the pantheons as plausible. No one is above killing as Layel especially has a two hundred years old blood feud in which he has stalked dragons, killing unmercifully. The gods are as fickle as they appear in Greek mythology. Fans who appreciate a touch of realism in the lead characters will enjoy the latest entry in the Showalter mythos (see Lords of the Underworlds saga – THE DARKEST PLEASURE, THE DARKEST KISS and THE DARKEST NIGHT).

Harriet Klausner

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