Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Sheriff of Horseshoe, Texas-Linda Warren

The Sheriff of Horseshoe, Texas
Linda Warren
Harlequin American, Mar 2009, $4.99
ISBN: 0373752539

Wealthy socialite Peyton Ross drives through Horseshoe, Texas like a bat out of hell; going at least twice the speed limit. The sheriff gives chase, but the spoiled brat accelerates as if the sirens were not blaring behind her. She is finally forced to pull over and is arrested for reckless driving as well as speeding.

The Judge is disgusted with Peyton’s nonchalant attitude. Frustrated and irate with her, she is fined and sentenced to two weeks of community service. The widowed Sheriff Wyatt Carson reluctantly gives his spare room to the recalcitrant woman to sleep as the town has no rooms to rent. Both detest the attraction between them especially the lawman as he feels guilty about betraying his high school sweetheart late wife Lori, who died six years ago. However, his eight year old daughter Jodi and her grandma think otherwise.

This is an enjoyable Texas two step romance as the attitudes of the three prime players change due to the influx of the new relationships between them. The character driven tale stars a strong support cast, but is owned by the lead couple and his daughter. Contemporary fans will enjoy this fine tale from the moment the sheriff arrests the party girl not realizing at that moment when she frustrates him with her cavalier attitude she captured his heart.

Harriet Klausner

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