Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanton-Noelle Mack

Noelle Mack
Kensington Brava, Aug 2008, $14.00
ISBN: 0758222769

In 1816 London, the members of the Pack of St. James are concerned with the recent murders of two women who were seen with the Pack’s men. The Pack also received a heinous message warning them more fallen women who are seen with them will die. Since leader Kyril Taruskin and his be loved Vivienne are in the WILD of the Russian port of Archangel, his brother Marko investigates.

His inquiries lead Marko to Severin, whose half-sister was a victim. She seems to know too much intricate details to satisfy Marko of her innocence. However he knows immediately she is clever and brilliant, and her allure is overpowering. Still he is not a Pack leader, who succumbs easily to a siren. When he tries to use his sensual skills to gain the upper hand and learn the truth, she turns up the heat. Soon he realizes to keep her safe he must not be seen with this scandalous woman whom he loves

This WANTON tale starts off WILD, hot and sexy as Marko and Severin are in instant heat for one another. However, the whodunit takes over the story line rather quickly; as it should with lives at stake including that of Severin. Thus fans will appreciate this fine historical mystery with the right amount of romance enhancing Marko’s desperate inquiry to catch a serial killer so that he and his soulmate can love one another for a long lifetime.

Harriet Klausner

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