Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting Old is to Die For-Rita Lakin

Getting Old is to Die For
Rita Lakin
Dell, Jan.2008, $6.99, 320 pp.
ISBN: 9780440243878

Gladdy Gold and her sister Evie Markowitz have lived in phase II in LanaiGardens in Ft. Lauderdale for over a quarter of a century. They are very active and with their friends Ida, Bella and Sophie have an informal detective agency. Their latest case involves parents who want their daughter, who they have a close relationship with, to attend their seventieth wedding anniversary. Gladdy, who doesn’t know where her boyfriend Jack is, decides to take the case.

The daughter refuses to answer her calls but they find a way to get her to meet with them. When they see her, they understand and so accompany her for moral support to see her parents. Unknown to Gladdy, Jack is in New York trying to find out who killed his girlfriend’s husband over five decades ago. He is delighted that his family and Gladdy’s family get along so great but he is scared of what Gladdy will do when she finds out what he is up to.

GETTING OLD IS TO DIE FOR shows readers that senior citizens can have rich productive lives filled with fun and romance. Jack is a real hero, putting his needs on the back burner so that Gladdy can gain a sense of closure. It is fun reading how he conducts his own investigation while Gladdy is worried that her refusal to commit to him ruined their relationship. This humorous mystery has protagonists and a secondary cast that is easy to understand what motivates them.

Harriet Klausner

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