Thursday, July 12, 2007

Divine by Blood-P.C.Cast

Divine by Blood
P.C. Cast
Luna, Sep 2007
ISBN: 9780373802913

Morrigan assumed she was a normal Sooner teen with wants and desires similar to her peers. However, when she turns eighteen, Morrigan learns the truth that she is not just an Oklahoma native; instead she learns her roots are literally magically from a tree and a centaur. Her mother Shannon Parker wanted her daughter to avoid all the otherworldly woes that she twice faced (see DIVINE BY MISTAKE and DIVINE BY CHOICE), but now regrets her decision as Morrigan is outraged and upset.

Her explosion opens the portal to the world of Partholon, which she enters expecting to be treated with adulation and respect as befitting the offspring of the goddess Incarnate. Instead she is treated as an unwelcome outsider. Desperate to belong, she causes problems for the residents of Partholon as she is the Light Bringer whose efforts lead to a growing darkness that is engulfing the realm; her only ally is a shaman centaur warrior

The third Divine fantasy is a major departure from the previous two and not just because the next generation is the mover and shaker. The story line retains the fast-paced rate established by Shannon’s starring escapes, but provides greater insight into Partholon through the amazed, dazed and razed teen. This is one fantasist who knows how to cast a spell on her readers.

Harriet Klausner

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