Thursday, June 21, 2007

Up Close and Dangerous--Linda Howard

Up Close and Dangerous
Linda Howard
Ballantine, July 2007, $25.95, 352 pp.
ISBN: 9780345486523

Bailey Wingate was left in charge of her stepchildren’s funds when her husband died of cancer. She dreads the day each month she give them their stipend because Seth and Tamzin hate that she lives in their family house while they do not, and she is younger than them. Bailey is looking forward to her vacation, but unknown to her Seth called J&L Executive Air Limo to confirm when she is flying with them.

When Bret comes in sick, Cam refuses to let her pilot Bailey so he takes the charter even though he doesn’t like his passenger believing she was a trophy wife. When their plane crashes, both are injured but Bailey who is in better condition saves Cam’s life. They realize they are falling in love with one another but first they have to get to civilization because it doesn’t look like they are being rescued. Then they need to find proof that the plane was sabotaged as they both believe.

Linda Howard is one of the best romantic suspense authors writing today. The changing relationship between the protagonists is fascinating as they struggle for dominance in their self-rescue. Filled with non-stop action that enhances the lead couples’ shifting attitudes towards one another, readers will like both characters and despise the parasitic siblings who hate “begging” for what they consider their money.

Harriet Klausner

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